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Зустріч: “How QA fits into Spotify Agile framework”

09/10/2019 @ 07:00 pm - 09/10/2019 @ 08:00 pm

10 Вер 07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

м. Львів Соборна пл.14, ТЦ Роксолана 6 пов.

Запрошуємо на зустріч з Мариною Шульгою “How QA fits into Spotify Agile framework”!

🔶Spotify found to scale agile beyond the team to a larger organization. Agile originally had issues scaling to larger organization because of the dependencies between the teams. Those dependencies created bottlenecks because teams had to commit to deliverables to each other which tended to create waterfall-like elements which diminished the value of Agile. Spotify found a way to avoid these issues by focusing on giving teams a lot more autonomy and removing dependencies wherever possible. But where is QA place on this organization map❓ Let’s find❗️


🔹The idea of Spotify (not the one you thought about, audio streaming platform).
🔹How Spotify should work.
🔹How it works.
🔹Jira and Spotify.
🔹How QA fits into Spotify Agile framework.

👥Кому буде цікаво?
✅QA engineers and everyone who interested in topic

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🔴Розуміння нового Agile framework

🎤 Спікер: Maryna Shulga

  • Test Manager/Error Manager at Intellias
  • 6.5 years of IT experience
  • Healthcare, retail, infrastructure, virtualization, automotive domains
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • USA, India, China, EU, Ukraine
  • Trainer, Mentor, Quality Expert and Pre-sale Consultant

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м. Львів Соборна пл.14, ТЦ Роксолана 6 пов.

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